Staying Calm – A Video Social Story

Yesterday, I was speaking to a Speech-Language Pathologist named Valerie, who has elementary age students that overreact. I told her that we could make a video social story for the topic. I said that we should have a positive name for the video, as opposed to calling it something negative like, “don’t overreact.” We agreed that the behavior we want is “staying calm,” so we called it that. Valerie and I discussed that the video content should have specific examples of situations when the students overreact. We came up with four situations that regularly arise for them. Then, we decided upon viable strategies to stay calm in these situations. I also put music (related to the topic) at the end of the social story, as a reward.

Valerie told me about how she is doing related activities for her students. She is addressing “staying calm” and other social language skills through written social stories, “How to Find Your Groove,” drawing cartoons, and Social Skill Builder videos. Valerie and I both thought that video social stories would be a good addition to her social language curriculum. She plans to show “Staying Calm – A Video Social Story” next week to her students.

Although we made this video individualized for Valerie’s students, the video could definitely be used with many other students. This is where sharing materials through a blog (like mine:-)) comes in. I know that there are many other students who overreact, and they can benefit from our video social story. To this end, I think video social stories are engaging, useful tools to provides strategies for many students, not just Valerie’s.


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