Presidential Inauguration

Today at Crimson Center, I did a lesson on the presidential inauguration with an eight-year-old, who I will call George, for privacy reasons. I introduced the lesson by showing a YouTube (2:14-3:08) video clip from Barack Obama’s acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention. Then, I had George tell me what he knew about Barack Obama. Next, we created an Obama speech with the Inauguration Speech Generator, which I discovered on iLearn Technology. Because I felt like George needed a list of words to make the speech, we used the attached Word document. The speech was a little silly, similar to MadLibs, but I thought it was pretty cool. Since the speech was text-based, we used the text-to-speech command on my Mac, for my laptop to read it aloud.

After we did the Obama speech, I played this week’s News-2-You newspaper: America’s New President. There are 7 pages in the newspaper, but due to time constraints, I only played pages 1, 5, 6, and 7. After each page, I asked one to two wh-questions, including the following: When’s the important day for America?; Who is saying goodbye to the White House?; What’s happening on January 20?; Who is the new president?; Where is the inauguration?; What will happen during the day?; What will happen at night?; What will happen the next day?. Once the newspaper was completed, I asked similar questions, without any visual aids.

After George answered the questions, we made a template (see attached) for a verbal retell. Once it was all written out, I had him verbally complete the cloze sentences for me. Then, George used the cloze sentences to do a verbal retell with his mom.

Today, January 19, TeacherTube is featuring me with my Presidential Inauguration video. Please check it out on the TeacherTube link.


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