Obama’s Inauguration Vocabulary


With this video, I will teach vocabulary from Obama’s inauguration speech. I provided 6 vocabulary words for the first two minutes of his speech. I will give each one of my students the attached document that has the vocabulary words typed two separate times. After they see the vocabulary words once in my video, then I’ll ask them to write what they think each word means. I may verbally provide a sentence containing each vocabulary word. For example, “Oath, as is in, The man made an oath with the bible.” Then, I’ll play my excerpt of Obama’s speech, stopping it after 1-2 vocabulary words have been spoken by Obama. I’ll ask for guesses about the meaning, then I’ll succinctly rephrase the best definition, and ask students to repeat it aloud. I’ll also write the meaning on the whiteboard. Once we’ve listened to the speech, and I’ve written the meanings, I’ll have my students study them. Finally, I’ll erase the board, and administer the multiple choice quiz, via my video. They’ll use the second set of 1-6 (on the attached document) to write their choice of a-d for each vocabulary word. When they’ve finished, we’ll exchange papers, and correct them using my video key.


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