Educational Applications for the Wiimote Whiteboard

Over the weekend at Crimson Center, I used the Wiimote Whiteboard in individual therapy with two 6 year olds and an 8 year old. My traveling Wiimote Whiteboard is now consisting of an Epson MovieMate 55 projector, MacBook, Wiimote, and a Penteractive infrared pen. During the speech-language sessions, I projected the image on a wall, so that my patients could interact with the image, and their parents (watching from the viewing booth) could see all the action.

One part of my lesson consisted of this week’s News-2-You: Hot Wheels. Before utilizing the newspaper, I told my patients that we were going to write vocabulary words on the Wiimote Whiteboard. Using Tux Paint, I wrote a vocabulary word (e.g., cartoon) on the projected image, then my patient wrote it underneath. In the attached video, a student and I demonstrated Tux Paint along with other free educational applications: Edusim and Literactive.

After each session, all parents were floored, asking some variant of, “how in the world does that thing work?” I explained how the infrared camera in the Wiimote recognizes the infrared light from the pen, and communicates the information to my laptop via Bluetooth. They mentioned how the technology highly increased their child’s engagement, and highly decreased their behaviors. I can’t tell you how much this makes me happy! One Dad said that the Wiimote Whiteboard could be a solution to stop his child from drawing on his walls!


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