Proloquo2Go in iTunes Store!!!

Today, Proloquo2Go (p2g) was released in the iTunes store:

I have posted before about p2g, so I’m going to provide my p2g review (that I posted on iTunes) and links to my previous posts.

Proloquo2Go is a super cool, super portable, and super affordable augmentative communication app for the iPhone and iPod touch. Since January, I’ve been testing p2g with a 9 year old who has autism, and we both love it. It’s been so cool to see how he communicates with others on the go at school. I’m just so happy that the app is now available in iTunes for everyone to use. Hats off to the developers, Samuel Sennott and David Niemeijer, for all their hard work on p2g. Their app is going to completely change the world of augmentative communication.

Previous post of my student and I demonstrating p2g with Monkey Diving
Previous post of 2009 CSUN p2g session summary
Previous post of educational iPhone Applications including p2g


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