2009 FETC Interactive Media Presentation

Today I attended the 2009 FETC Virtual Conference. Several sessions were held in a live virtual format. The presentations were immediately archived, and they can be accessed on demand through July 24, 2009. I was most impressed by Chris Dede’s presentation of interactive media, otherwise known as web 2.0. Chris’s presentation involved his perspectives on how web 2.0 can be used in education to prepare students for their careers. He highlighted resources including wikis, blogs, podcasts, social networking, and collaborative social change. I pieced together clips in two videos. The first video pertains to the preparation aspect; whereas, the second video pertains to blogs, social networking, and collaborative social change resources.

In the first video at 1:10, Chris asks “How do we handle the fact that in classrooms, at every level of education and at every place, including Harvard, what happens inside academic settings looks less like 21st century work and play, than what happens outside of academic settings?” In Chris’s presentation, I think he adequately illustrated how web 2.0 can make academic settings more congruent with 21st century work and play. He explained that academic content can be embedded in web 2.0. For example, students could learn the process of acquiring and sharing information in a wiki regarding presidents, even if they don’t need to remember the presidents’ names for a future career.


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