Innovation in Education Award

My proposal to fund Wiimote Whiteboards and iPod touches in special education was accepted for finalist status in the Cox Communications Innovation in Education Award. As a finalist, I was asked to attend an interview. I was told that the interview would involve a presentation of my proposal. I decided to create a Powerpoint that included student video demonstrations of the Wiimote Whiteboard and iPod touch.

In order to prepare for the interview, I videotaped myself giving the presentation. FYI, I routinely videotape myself (using a Flip video camera or web cam) to prepare for public speaking events. I feel like it “puts me on the spot,” which is how I feel during public speaking. Plus, I review the video to self-monitor vocabulary, re-phrasing, pauses, fillers, repeated words, speech rate, and the adequacy of my explanations. And, let me tell you, I definitely notice ALL my speaking mistakes. It’s difficult, at times, to view the mistakes, but I feel the video feedback makes me a better speaker for future speaking engagements.


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