Thank You Goodrich

I wrote a letter to request funding for iPod touches in special education. I wanted my SpEd students to use iPod touches for applications including Proloquo2Go, Google, Wikipanion, and more. Target, Walmart, and Apple respectfully said they couldn’t contribute. However, my dad’s company, Goodrich, graciously donated $1000 to fund four iPod touches. I was very appreciative of Goodrich’s donation, and I wanted my students to show their appreciation as well.

Once my students used the iPod touches for several weeks, I thought my students could express their appreciation in terms of what they like about the iPod touch. After considering different ideas, I settled on making a video of my students’ text. They completed the following cloze sentence via texting, typing, or verbal language: “I am thankful because __________.” Then, a few of my students and I corrected grammatical errors and put the sentences in PowerPoint slides. Finally, using Snaps Pro X, I recorded the PowerPoints and added music in iMovie.


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