Reflecting & Forecasting

I recently discovered a couple web 2.0 tools: Scrapblog and Prezi. I was interested in seeing whether the tools would be useful for me or my students. So, I decided to test them out. With Scrapblog, I reflected on the past school year in “2008-2009 Year in Review:”

With Prezi, I forecasted next school year in “My Year Ahead:”

I think that both tools allowed me to create pretty cool looking projects. I think they are good alternatives to PowerPoint. I can imagine using Prezi for presentations, and using Scrapblog with my students for online scrapbooking. Here’s a brief list of pros and cons for each tool.

-web based
-embedding for websites
-cool scrapbooking features (backgrounds, bubbles, stickers, frames, etc.)

-inability to use iTunes music
-many scrapbooking features require purchase
-no recording ability

-web based
-non-linear orientation
-unique transitions

-not easy to learn
-no embedding for websites
-no download of finished product


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