Daily Updates


In a digital world that is rapidly changing, it’s necessary to have a system for staying updated. Nowadays, daily updates are delivered via subscriptions. It’s no longer necessary to initiate each search. Just subscribe to websites, and updates are accessible in email or an RSS feed (e.g., Google Reader). There can be a lot of information to read, making it next to impossible to read every word. So, I start by scanning, and if something catches my eye, then I’ll read it in more depth. Below is a list of my updates and their delivery methods:

Google Reader for RSS feeds on Internet and in Google Mobile (iPhone app)
QIAT listserv via email
ACOLUG listserv via email
Proloquo2Go Community Digest via email
TweetDeck desktop application and iPhone app
Google Alerts (Web 2.0, iPhone, iPod touch, 21st Century Learning, Speech-Language Pathology, Assistive Technology, Educational Technology, Eric Sailers) via email
Diigo updates (AT in SpEd, Special Ed in the 21st Century) via email

If you utilize a source not listed above, please share.


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