Student Doc Templates

The first of the year has been hectic! As a result, I haven’t been sharing as much as I’d like. I hope this blog post will get me in the sharing mode.

This year I decided to do all student documentation on my laptop. And, I wanted to create spreadsheets to share easily with others. Since I’m loving all the free Google apps right now, I chose Google Docs.

I created templates (links below) for the documents that I’m using. If you’re interested in using any of the docs, please create a copy in Google Docs. If you don’t, and you start editing the document, then the document will be modified for everyone. That’s a great feature for collaborating, but it doesn’t work well for sharing templates. Once you create a copy, however, feel free to modify however you like.


  • One of my colleagues, Ross Adams, originally created this document. I modified it just a bit, then uploaded it.

Assessment Log:

Student Information:


Data Collection:

  • In the document, I provided an example for collecting group data. You’ll see the data collection for the “Doe” group is being collected on the Monday sheet. There are sheets for every day of the week, and each sheet has cells for session date, activity, and data/comments.

Image Attribution:


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