Video vocabulary and summary:

This week, I did a lesson plan with my middle schoolers using the “Believe” video. Before showing the video, I displayed a Google Doc that I created for vocabulary and a summary. We used an iPod touch with the app to look up the vocabulary words. The great thing about the app is that it includes word prediction and text-to-speech – two great features for my students who have difficulties with spelling and reading. I also discussed the video summary template. I highlighted the information they needed from the video, including their favorite part.

Then, I played the video without stopping it. There are occasions when I pause videos periodically to check for comprehension, but I didn’t feel like I needed to this time. After the video, I asked my students to text the vocabulary definitions in the notes app. Then, I asked them to do the video summary using iMovie. Some of my students needed to use the summary template as guide; whereas, my other students summarized without looking at the template. Once my students recorded their summary, then I played their iMovie, and I pointed out errors in grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, and volume. Finally, with scaffolding, I required them to verbally correct their summary errors.


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