Percentally is now available on the App Store!!!

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*Contest information for the promo codes at the bottom.

Jason M. Rinn and I are pleased to announce that Percentally is now available on the App Store:


Percentally is a tally counter that automatically converts tallies to percentages.  It enables progress tracking in education, athletics, and other activities.

Percentally can track progress on educational goals. It is currently being used to measure special education goals including percentage accuracy of a student’s “s” sound, comprehension of questions, and the number of times a student interrupted.  Percentally can also be used in extracurricular activities like sports.  Measure the percentage of football passes completed, free throws made in basketball, or the number of putts in a golf round. 

Percentally provides options for customizing and sharing. Create a cool appearance by customizing the colors for tally background and numbers. Tally clicks can be silent or can provide audio feedback. Data is easily shared via a clipboard, Google Spreadsheet, and email. The sharing options make data transfer an efficient process.


  • Color-coded single and dual tallies
  • Copy the data and paste in another app
  • Create spreadsheets w/ Google Docs
  • Share data in an email
  • Add and edit folder and tally title
  • Re-order and delete folders and tallies
  • Organize tallies in folders
  • Reset and undo tallies
  • Configurable clicking sounds
  • Text-based notes


Jason and I would like to give away five promotional codes for Percentally.  The first five people to blog about Percentally will be awarded a code.  In your posting, please include the following information: check out Percentally for the iPhone and iPod touch  To receive the code, provide the link to your posting in an email to


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