3 New Toys for my iPhone and iPod touch


I am always on the hunt for new “toys” to accessorize my iPhone 3G and iPod touch 2G. Since Christmas, I got three new toys that I want to share: a Mophie Juice Pack Air, iPevo Point 2 View USB Camera, and a Switcheasy thumbtack microphone.

For Christmas, I got the Mophie Juice Pack Air to extend the battery life on my iPhone 3G. The Mophie Juice Pack Air is a very slick, low-profile case with a rechargeable battery. It adds up to 4.5 hours talk/Internet time to the iPhone 3G battery. I think it’s perfect for me because I’m always on the go, and I don’t always have access to an outlet. Now, I charge my phone and Mophie Juice Pack Air at night via a mini-USB cable. Then, the next day in the afternoon, when my iPhone battery has drained, I turn on the Mophie Juice Pack Air. It allows my phone to remain charged the entire day.

After reading this blog posting by Brian Friedlander, Ph.D, I purchased an iPevo Point 2 View Camera. I have been looking for a low-cost document camera to demonstrate iPhone and iPod touch apps. The Point 2 View camera is just what I was looking for. It has great resolution and several features including zoom, exposure, mirror rotation, single and continuous focus, and full-screen mode. The camera is a perfect solution for demonstrating apps during group presentations. I used it recently to demo apps with an Epson projector for my district’s 25 SLPs, and it worked very well. I learned to optimize the focusing by starting with continuous focus, then selecting single focus. That is, when the image was focused with continuous focus, I switched to single focus.

After meeting with speech-language pathologists (from southern California) last week, I purchased a Switcheasy thumbtack microphone for my iPod touch 2G. I have been looking for a small microphone, so that my students can utilize voice recording features on the iPod touch, in apps such as Wheels on the Bus, Curious George and the Birthday Surprise, and Voice Memos. The thumbtack mic has good audio quality during playback. I’m looking forward to using it with my students so they can practice articulation, stuttering, reading, language, and more. One thing to remember when using the mic is to unplug it from the iPod touch for playback.

My 3 new toys are going to enable my students, colleagues, and I to learn via the iPhone and iPod touch. The best part is that the toys are all good quality, and less than $100 each.


One thought on “3 New Toys for my iPhone and iPod touch

  1. I'd like to use some iPod Touch apps like Dragon Dictation and Dragon Search with my S-L students so need to get a mic. I'd rather not share earbuds with the mic attached. And it seems like unplugging the Thumbtack Mic every time we want to hear playback is not a great solution either. Is there a good quality plug-in mic for iTouch 2G that allows for playback?

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