CUE Conference

The 2010 CUE Conference will be held in Palm Springs March 4-6 at the Palm Springs Convention Center. The title of the conference is Challenge the Present, Design the Future: Tools for Universal Learning. It looks like Universal Design for Learning will be a big component of this year’s conference.

I will be attending CUE for the first time. I’m very excited to present two sessions, one of which is part of the 1st annual Diverse Learners Symposium. I will be presenting iPod touch for students with special needs. My other presentation is for sharing educational resources on the Internet with Web 2.0.

If you are attending the conference, I welcome you to join my sessions. Here are the details and my slideshows (best viewed in full-screen mode):
– Resource Sharing 2.0
     – Thursday, March 4     2-3 PM
          – #2207     Mojave Learning Center     Renaissance Hotel

– iPod touch: Mobile Solutions for Special Needs Students
     – Friday, March 5     10-11 AM
          – #2286     Tapestry     Hilton Hotel    


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