App Friday

Posted on Moms With Apps for App Friday, the weekly link exchange of family-friendly apps. Today we are featuring two apps: ArtikPix and Percentally. These apps were developed by Eric Sailers and Jason Rinn in efforts to help students and educators tackle speech delays. Their innovations do more than assist speech & language, but also function as tools that chart a course for how mobile devices are used in education.

What is ArtikPix about?
ArtikPix is an articulation app for the iPad that has flashcard and matching (3 levels) activities for children with speech sound delays. The full version has 14 card decks with 40 cards each (560 cards total) for the following sounds: th, f, v, ch, sh, k, g, s, z, l, r, s-blends, l-blends, and r-blends. The free app (coming soon) will have “th” cards and an easy matching level, but in-app purchases enable the possibility of all 14 decks. In ArtikPix, children tap and flick cards to practice their sounds in fun activities, as data is collected, saved, and shared to email, clipboard, or Google Spreadsheet.

Why is it special?
ArtikPix is a fun, child friendly app that makes traditional articulation drills more enjoyable. Children have a great time flicking through the flashcards, and playing the matching activity. Compared to a traditional deck of speech cards, ArtikPix offers a variety of features including voice recording, auditory prompting, and data collection for saving and exporting. Additionally, the portability of ArtikPix makes it an easy tool for parents to use at home with their children and for children to practice independently.

What is Percentally about?
Percentally is a tally counter for collecting data with notes that share easily to email, clipboard, or Google Spreadsheet. Use it to keep single tally and percentage based data for tracking progress on goals (e.g., special education goals). Adults and children can track progress by the tap of a finger in tallies customizable for color.

Why is it special?
Time is of the essence for everyone. Percentally is a time saver because it is an easy-to-use tool that makes a multi-step process simple. It enables you to collect and organize tallies in an efficient manner and easily copy the data. Initially developed for educators, it also has uses for athletics, nutrition, motivation, counting, or any area where someone is interested in tracking progress.

What’s in it for me?
FREE, that’s what! DOWNLOAD ARTIKPIX from the App Store FREE, for a limited time. Next, DOWNLOAD PERCENTALLY from the App Store FREE, this Friday. If you are a parent with an iPad, ArtikPix should be a no-brainer. If you are a person who needs to track progress on specific goals, then go grab a copy of Percentally!


5 thoughts on “App Friday

  1. You are really doing a great job, Eric! My SLP colleagues will love the iPad app. Thank you so much for all that you do.By the way, we just got a SMARTTable at one of my school, just a couple of days before our recent break. This was a dream that became a reality. I went to the training with my co-worker, and SLP, and just playing with it generated lots of ideas. I have plenty of group counseling and social skills training activities that would work well on a multi-touch table, and the SLP has lots of activities that would be great for the SMARTTable, too.We are creating an application for it and would love your input, since you've been doing a lot with touch-based applications. The table is in the SLP's room for now, but it has wheels, we plan to take it to classrooms as soon as we've figured it out. Over half of the students in this program have moderate to severe autism, and we've found that our new IWB's have been great in promoting joint attention and communication among our students. Take care,Lynn

  2. These are very useful. I went to download the artikpik but it says it is 29.99, not free. Was the free download just on April 9? Also, do you know if it is also compatible with iphone?

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