TapSpeak Button for iPad

Last Friday, I posted a message regarding TapSpeak Button for iPad (iTunes link) on the QIAT Listserv. I now want to post a slightly modified version here on my blog.

TapSpeak Button for iPad was released on May 7, 2010. The app is a single message communicator which allows a verbal individual to record messages for a nonverbal individual to access via tapping a big circle. TapSpeak Button was previously available for the iPhone and iPod touch. Prior to the iPad app’s release, I had the pleasure of trying a beta. Almost immediately, I thought the iPad’s larger screen was much better for the app. It will make it so much easier for individuals with physical disabilities to access single messages.

The developer of TapSpeak Button for iPad, Ted Conley, created the app for his son who has CVI. With the app, his son is now able to access communication. Ted emailed me saying that it’s the only device his son can use because the iPhone was too small and he doesn’t have the motor skills to activate a typical switch, such as a BIGmack. That’s because the iPad only requires a touch, not a full key press. Ted is very happy that the app enables his son to have a huge jump on learning cause-effect relationships.

TapSpeak Button for iPad is priced fairly at $9.99, and it supports portrait and landscape modes. I prefer landscape mode because it offers a split view for your messages and the big circle for communicating them. With help from someone selecting messages, it’s possible for a child with a physical disability to communicate sequences. However, Ted is working on TapSpeak Sequence for enabling children to sequence messages independently. I can’t wait for that!


3 thoughts on “TapSpeak Button for iPad

  1. Eric, if you'll forgive the off-topic post, have you had the opportunity to try the http://englishcentral.com demo yet? I was a bit disappointed that they are using acoustic and maybe durational scores only, instead of edit distance (try m/n, f/s, and t/d, mistakes) but I'm sure that will improve over time. They are Google Ventures-funded, and as the first such educational project I hope they will pour enough cash into it to make it really shine.

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