Voice Memos

Voice Memos is an audio recorder app for the iPhone, iPod touch (requires external mic, such as Thumbtacks), and iPad. The iPhone and iPod touch with OS 3.0 or later comes with a free Voice Memos app. The iPad does not ship with it, but Voice Memos for iPad (iTunes link) can be purchased on the App Store for $.99.

For implementation in a school setting for speech-language services, I’d like to provide 3 ways to use Voice Memos:

  1. On the iPhone, record a meeting such as an IEP. Place it in the middle of the group for recording everyone’s voices. When the recording is completed, it’s stored automatically in the app, and it can also be emailed to your computer for further storage. *Note that I have personally experienced a 30 minute limit for Voice Memos recordings – in an IEP meeting, nonetheless – on my iPhone. There are 3rd party recording apps, such as iTalk (iTunes link), that supposedly don’t have limits.
  2. On the iPod touch (with an external mic such as Thumbtacks), ask a child to practice recording a reminder. I think it’s important for children to learn an alternative to texting. Audio reminders are used commonly by adults (including me) in situations when it’s better than texting (e.g., in the car, for long messages). For a child to practice the skill, ask him/her to record their homework assignments and/or chore list.
  3. On the iPad, ask a child to record a sample (e.g., what he/she did over the weekend) to address articulation, voice, fluency, or language skills. During playback, the child can self-monitor via tallying with pencil and paper or Percentally (iTunes link). To learn more about how children self-monitor via recordings, view my related post: 3 Ways to Use a Webcam in Speech-Language Therapy.

Since the iPad is a new device with apps that function differently than their iPhone and iPod touch counterparts, I’d like to explain how I use Voice Memos for iPad. I use the app in landscape mode because it shows previous recordings without accessing a popover.  I just tap record, then record a message, and tap stop. The message is automatically stored in the left pane at the top. The message can then be tagged by tapping the arrow, and shared (with a $.99 in app purchase) via email or iTunes.


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