Blogging for Speech-Language Pathologists

Until this week, I wasn’t blogging much. I started posting more after reading a post by Seth Godin: Do you have a media channel strategy? (You Should.). The post explains how everyone has a media channel, and I was reminded that blogging is mine. People have expressed an interest in reading my speech-language blog. I enjoy sharing the information, so I just needed a little extra motivation.

Blogging has enabled me to make connections that extend far beyond my hometown. I receive comments and emails from all over the world asking me about items in my posts. It’s an honor for people to ask for my advice. I also have people at conferences introduce themselves as avid readers of my blog. I enjoy this because it allows me to learn about my readers.

Not only do I hope to continue blogging frequently, I hope that others will blog more or even begin blogging. It’s not technically difficult to blog with tools like and The services provide many templates and helpful tutorials. If you’re looking for more inspiration, I recommend taking a look at a blog called Speech Techie. The blog’s author, Sean Sweeney, is a speech-language pathologist who posts regularly. Sean shares great resources with thoughtful ideas for implementation. He has become one of my new favorite bloggers to follow via Google Reader.


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