iResponse for BrainPOP

iResponse (iTunes link) is a remote responder app for the iPhone and iPod touch. I downloaded it on iPod touches for my students to use during multiple choice quizzes. Recently, I set up iResponse for one of my middle school language groups to utilize after presenting BrainPOP Featured Movie (iTunes link) on an iPad. BrainPOP – for those of you who don’t know – involves a captioned video of Tim (the boy) and Moby (the robot), followed by a 10 question quiz. I’d like to explain how I administered the lesson.

After installing the iResponse software (free), I created a 5 question multiple-choice quiz. Then, I showed the BrainPOP Featured Movie regarding Miranda Rights, pausing it throughout for comprehension checks. Once the movie completed, I transmitted the BrainPOP quiz via Wi-Fi to my iPad. I read each question aloud with answer choices, as my students read along on their iPods. They responded by tapping a button for A,B, C, or D. After each response, I saw their answer on my laptop, and they received feedback for correct, or incorrect with the right answer. At the end of the quiz, I received a data report to save. My students said they liked iResponse, and I liked how they received immediate feedback following each answer.

I recommend BrainPOP and iResponse because they’re great apps for a combined total of $.99!


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