The price is right: Enables access for all, even me

One of the many reasons I like the iPod touch and iPad is the price. The 8GB iPod touch is $199 or less, and the 16 GB iPad is $499. The prices enable the opportunity for children to have a great educational solution at school and/or home. It also allows me Рas a speech-language pathologist and assistive technology  specialist Рto have a great tool for professional use.

When special education hardware was/is 1000’s of dollars and software is priced at 100’s, it prohibits access. Not just for children, but for me as well. My organization won’t pay for it, and I can’t justify purchasing it out-of-pocket. But, now, with Apple mobile devices priced reasonably, and many apps priced at free-$4.99, I can have access.

I can have 24/7 access because I purchased Apple mobile solutions out of pocket. At work or home, I can easily prepare for trainings and therapy. For example, I’m able to easily learn the ins and outs of an augmentative communication solution such as Proloquo2Go. It enables me to be so much more competent with equipment, as a presenter and a clinician.


One thought on “The price is right: Enables access for all, even me

  1. Amen Brother! We (SLPs, educators, parents) are enjoying quite a revolution and our students/kids are benefitting. I love my iTouch/apps and so do the kids. I love all of the information you have been sharing and teaching. Keep up the awesome work!

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