Apps that promote positive behaviors

A couple days ago, I posted Internet resources for behavior interventions. To continue the behavior theme, I’d like to list some iPhone and iPod touch apps that promote positive behaviors. Here are categories with apps including their iTunes link and a brief description:

Positive Reinforcement Charts
iEarnedThat – An interactive puzzle enables children to monitor their progress as they work toward goals.
iReward – Use this motivation chart to choose the behavior, the reward from your photos, and optional praise.
iRewardChart – Use this motivation chart to assign tasks, track progress, and pay rewards for achievements.

Social Skills
Model Me Going Places – 6 locations (e.g., playground) including photos (with narration) of children modeling social skills.
StoryKit – Create individualized social stories with text, personal photos, and voice recordings, then upload the story to a website.

TimeTimer – Improves time management with a visual depiction of time, and optional audible and vibrate signals
VisualTimer – 60 minute timer with a graphical display that plays a sound and/or vibrates at intervals or when the time expires.

Visual Schedules
First Then Visual Schedule – Create personalized visual schedules with stock images or personal photos and voice recordings.
Picture Scheduler – To aid in recall of details, record audio and video notes to accompany photos in a listed schedule.

*Many of the app descriptions are based on my SCRIBD list of apps.


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