How do you find apps?

I was recently asked during a presentation, “How do you find (iPhone/iPod touch & iPad) apps?” I answered succinctly by providing a couple search methods. Here are those methods in addition to more:

  • Search iTunes App Store for an app name (e.g., iCommunicate) or type of app (e.g., speech therapy).
  • Search iTunes charts such as iPhone and iPad top grossing for Education, and  iPhone and iPad What’s hot for Education (ArtikPix, iPad articulation app co-created by Jason and I, has been hovering around #20 since hitting the What’s hot list).
  • Search iTunes Apps for Kids category.
  • Read app roundup postings on blogs such as Teaching Learners with Multiple Special Needs.
  • Read lists of apps such as Acalanes UHSD lists for iPod touch and iPad.
  • Read education review sites such as IEAR.
  • Participate in social networks such as iPods 4 Special Needs Ning.
  • Learn about new apps by reading Moms with Apps blog and Google Group.
  • Attend app presentations at conferences such as CUE and Closing the Gap.
  • Talk to friends and colleagues.

To get more information about apps, view my app resources.


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