iPhone 4

Yesterday at WWDC, Apple announced iPhone 4 will be available June 24, with pre-ordering on June 15. iPhone 4 will have new hardware constructed from stainless steel and glass. From the video on the iPhone features page, the device looks beautiful! iPhone 4 will also have iOS 4 which includes features such as multitasking and folders. The features will make managing apps much easier.

On Apple’s main page, there is currently a video that demonstrates a new iPhone 4 feature called FaceTime. FaceTime involves the front and rear cameras during WiFi video calling. Apple’s video shows how FaceTime makes phone calling more personal. It nicely depicts how a Dad away from home watches his children play, and how a couple communicates in sign language. Being in the communication field, I’m particularly proud of Apple’s video example of sign language. Because Apple is dedicated to creating accessible devices for all all, I’m very happy to use their products.

AT&T is offering some users an early iPhone upgrade. Since I’ve had my iPhone 3G for over 13 months, I received the offer. So, I’m planning to pre-order the 16 GB iPhone 4 at an early upgrade price of $199. My calendar is marked for June 15 – I can’t wait!


2 thoughts on “iPhone 4

  1. Don’t you think the next step would be a forward facing camera for the next generation ipad? FaceTime seems set up perfect for telepractice.

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