What did you learn?

At the end of activities, I frequently ask my students “what did you learn?” Since the school year is ending (1 week remaining), I asked the question. It also got me thinking about what I learned. I first thought about things related to delivering speech-language lessons. But then, I began thinking more broadly about new things (particularly in technology) that I explored in my professional life. Here are 3 things that came to mind:

  1. I learned to present at workshops and conferences. Most importantly, I learned how to use the most of my time and technology to best illustrate my message.
  2. I learned how to use iWork (especially Keynote and Pages) to create professional slideshows and documents. In Keynote, I taught myself how to create transitions and builds for better looking slides. In Pages, I explored the ways to format text and graphics for great looking tutorials, flyers, and forms.
  3. Finally, I learned an awful lot about iPhone and iPad apps for special needs. I learned about applicable apps and how to use them with students; plus, I learned how to co-create apps including ArtikPix and Percentally. Working with apps in various ways was by far the most exciting thing for me.

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