QuickCues is a social script app for individuals with autism to learn new skills. The $4.99 app comes with a communication module comprising several scripts. In one part of the communication module, there is a script for answering the phone that includes specific, straightforward information to complete the task.  For example, the script suggests that individuals focus on answering the call and smile before they pick up the phone. The simple scripts break down common tasks into easy, manageable steps.  QuickCues offers 3 additional modules (life skills, socialization, coping) as in-app purchases for $4.99 each.

QuickCues offers several, very informative scripts in each module for individuals with Autism. Since the scripts are text-based only, they appear to be geared to older individuals with high-functioning autism.  I plan to use QuicCues this summer with my middle school students.  To be used with younger children, I think that pictures/symbols and audio would be necessary for their understanding.

*Disclosure: A promo code was provided as a review copy to this blog’s author.


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