iOS 4 Folders

Two days ago, Apple released the iOS 4 Software Update, which has many new features including multitasking and folders. Since multitasking isn’t supported on iPhone 3G (my phone), I was most eager to get folders. Folders in iOS 4 enable you to organize your apps by dragging one app on another. The folder is automatically named by the category of apps grouped (up to 12 apps per folder), or renamed by the user. To see how it works, check out this Apple video.

Folders enabled me to greatly reduce the number of app pages on my iPhone: I went from 10 pages to 2. I thought that folders would make it much easier to find my apps. I discovered it’s easier when apps are definitively categorized, but not necessarily when apps can be cross-categorized. Since creating folders, I still spend time looking for many apps, and I ultimately resort to the search feature (push home button 2x). I wonder if it will take a little time to learn where I organized my apps and I will subsequently locate apps more in the folders, as opposed to the search feature.

On my iPhone 3G, I captured screenshots of all my folders and the communication folder. Check ’em out.


2 thoughts on “iOS 4 Folders

  1. I see what you mean about cross-categorization. I think folders are nifty, but on the other hand I really like a good app icon, and I miss seeing them when they are tucked away in the folders! I think I will use them sparingly.

    Thanks for the shots. Gives me a lot of things to look into! Good luck with your iPhone 4- love mine so far!

  2. You are doing a wonderful service. I have learned so much from your e-mails. Unfortunately I just upgraded to the 3GS and had decided not to go for the Iphone 4. I live in CT and want to attend one of your presentations.

    I’m going to be 62 soon and find your technology info absolutely fascinating —keep up the good work!

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