Speech-language implications of iPhone 4 features

I love my iPhone 4! It’s faster, has longer battery life and much better resolution than my 3G.

I have been thinking about speech-language implications of the new iPhone 4. Here are the first three that came to mind for the following features:

  • Multitasking – use multitasking during trainings to seamlessly transition from one app to the next. Open the apps prior to the training for future access of recently used apps (by double clicking the home button). If the apps were developed with multitasking in mind, then they can resume where you previously left off.
  • Video – use the video camera and iMovie for iPhone app to create video modeling of social skills. After videoing a role-play, for example, utilize the iMovie app to edit video clips entirely on the phone without a computer. After deleting clip segments and/or adding text, transitions and media, play the video directly on iPhone 4.
  • FaceTime – use FaceTime video calling (Wi-Fi only) for telepractice. Rather than sitting stationary at a computer, implement FaceTime for mobile telepractice services; that is, the professional and client can easily move around a room for activities that don’t only involve a tabletop.

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