Workshop: iPod touch and iPad for Children with Autism

Update: This workshop has reached room capacity at 100. No more registrations are being accepted at this time.

In association with the Autism Society of San Diego, I will be presenting a workshop titled iPod touch and iPad for Children with Autism. It will be held on Saturday, July 31 from 8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. at the Church of Rancho Bernardo. Here is information from the SD Autism website regarding the workshop:

In this workshop, parents and professionals will learn how to implement iPod touch and iPad for children with autism. They will learn basics regarding the devices and iTunes, in addition to an evaluative framework for selecting applications. Applications for the following areas will also be discussed and demonstrated: AAC, social skills, literacy, math, data collection, behavior management, music, songs, art and games. There will be an in depth look of the widely known AAC app, Proloquo2Go.

I will present the above information for all skill levels. The content will address the needs of children with Autism and other disabilities. Slides and demonstrations will include user-friendly discussions of implementing apps for children with special needs.

The registration cost starts at just $20 for breakfast, 3 hours of presentation time, and presentation materials. Online registration is available  here.


5 thoughts on “Workshop: iPod touch and iPad for Children with Autism

  1. We don’t own an Ipad or IPod but would like to attend to see if it would worth while for us to invest in one of these devices for my son. Do you have to own a device to make it worth while attending. We live in Long Beach and don’t want to make the trip to SD if not worth while. Thanks

    • Will be driving from Long Beach to hear the workshop. I own a ipod touch and may purchase an ipad depending on how things work with the ipod. I’m excited!

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