TapSpeak Sequence for iPad

TapSpeak Sequence for iPad ($29.99) is a new augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) app for sequenced messages (e.g., knock-knock jokes). It enables a verbal individual to record sequenced messages for a nonverbal individual to access via tapping a shape, photo, or drawing. The nonverbal individual taps the image(s) one phrase at a time, as the phrases progress automatically. Multiple sequenced messages can be recorded, modified, and played. TapSpeak Sequence for iPad is analogous to a Step-by-Step with levels, but TapSpeak Sequence is easier to activate and has more features. The ease of activation involves tapping, rather than a full key press required by a Step-by-Step. I previously mentioned the tapping ease in a blog posting for TapSpeak Button, Ted Conley’s other app.

TapSpeak Sequence for iPad has several features. An unlimited number of sequences can be recorded with unlimited phrase recording and sequence length. The phrases can be recorded with various shapes and colors or personal photos and drawings. The tap response is also modifiable for varying physical abilities, and basic usage statistics identify how the app is being used. Finally, TapSpeak Sequence provides a sample sequenced message for Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. The sample shows how a message such as a song can be sequenced in the app.

TapSpeak Sequence is great for sequencing songs, knock-knock jokes, recipes, and social scripts. A good way to get started with creating sequences is by accessing pre-made resources. Here are kid friendly web resources for each of the following:

  • Songs – children’s songs with lyrics from Kididdles website
  • Knock-knock jokes – 170 knock-knock jokes from AzKidsNet
  • Recipes – recipes for kids from Children’s Recipes
  • Social scripts – sample social scripts from Caroline Ramsey Musselwhite

*Disclosure: A promo code was provided as a review copy to this blog’s author.


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