Reasons why I love iPad for speech-language therapy

Since the iPad was available April 3, 2010, I have been using one in speech-language therapy with K-8 students who exhibit various disabilities. It is definitely my new favorite tool. I love to use it for push-in lessons in the class, and pull-out lessons in my office. Here are my top 3 reasons why I love using the iPad for therapy:

  1. The apps – The apps are fun and engaging because they are multisensory, appealing to the senses of sight, sound, and touch. There are apps specifically designed for special needs (AAC apps like Proloquo2Go and TapSpeak Sequence) and apps that can be utilized with special needs (song apps like Wheels on the Bus, and storybook apps like Shrek Forever After). I enjoy using the apps that have been optimized for the iPad’s screen resolution.
  2. The size and weight – Since the iPad is bigger than the iPod touch, the screen is viewable from farther away. I can easily hold it at a fair distance away from students. Then, when I want a particular student to interact with the iPad, I can easily bring the lightweight device (1.5 pounds) to him/her. The size is also easier for children with various physical abilities to interact with.
  3. The resolution – The iPads resolution is 2x that of the iPod touch. The higher resolution provides for fantastic looking graphics. As a result, the optimized iPad apps are more visually appealing to students, and are easier to see from a farther distance.

11 thoughts on “Reasons why I love iPad for speech-language therapy

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  2. Eric,

    I’m with you on using the iPad in special education. I’m still waiting for the killer iPad protective cover; curious to know what you are using.

  3. I use the standard Apple case without a screen protector. I like the sleekness of it. For most apps, I use the case to prop up the iPad in landscape mode.

  4. I’ve been using my new ipad in therapy for 3 weeks and love it!! How do you keep your screen clean? I think I’m developing a obsessive-compulsive disorder about smudges !!

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  6. Hello,
    I’m new to both your blog and to using an iPad, but I am SO excited and have wanted one for a long time! I don’t know if you’ve addressed this before but can you please provide more information as to how you use this in inclusive (“push-in”) settings?

  7. Hello,

    Does anyone know of an application for simply taking data? Or making electronic data sheets? I am having trouble finding one. Please let me know!

  8. Have any of you used or know another SLP that has used the ipad with adult patients? I’m curious as to what types of apps out there can facilitate reading/naming activities in that population.

  9. I am an SLP in a clinic for SLI children. I am putting a budget together for next year. I know what iPads cost; how much money is needed for the apps? I sense that the iPad 2 would be better for future apps, right?

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