iPod touch and iPad questions on notecards

I recently held an iPod touch and iPad workshop in San Diego, CA. As part of the workshop, the participants wrote questions on notecards. I answered as many questions as possible, but I wasn’t able to answer them all. Here are the remaining questions followed by my answers.

What are iPod touch apps for high school and adult clients?

When we buy an app, is it a one time payment or monthly? It’s typically a one-time payment and updates are free. There are, however, other apps that use a subscription model. One subscription based app is Tales2Go ($24.99/yr.), which is an app for audio books.

What are the prices of devices? For the base models, iPod touch 8GB is $199, and iPad 16 GB is $499. Check the Apple Store for further pricing.

How do you keep kids in apps and keep them from deleting apps? How do you keep them out of game apps? Currently, there isn’t a way to keep kids in apps or from deleting apps. If game apps are rated for older individuals, then you can restrict their access using settings –> general –> restrictions.

For StoryKit, can you create stories on your computer, then sync to iPod and print them? No, but you can create stories with ePub Bud or PowerPoint/Keynote on your computer and export the files to pdf format. Then, drag the files to iTunes and sync to your iPod.

Can I try apps before purchasing them? You can if the apps offer a free, lite version of the paid app. There are also some free apps that allow you to try them with the option of purchasing more content in the app.

Is there an app for capturing videos from YouTube or Google videos? You can use a website called KeepVid to download YouTube videos, drag them to iTunes, then sync to your iPad. Access the videos on your iPad via the videos app.

Can the charging cart for iPods work for iPads, too? There’s a Bretford cart that was redesigned to charge the MacBook + iPad.

Can you print from iPod touch? In order to print, email the file to your computer and print from there. There are also new HP printers that allow you to email your content directly to the printer.

How did you get symbols (e.g. Boardmaker, Symbolstix) on your iPod touch? Using my Mac, I captured images of the symbols, then I organized them in albums using iPhoto. Last, I synced my photos in iTunes to my iPod touch.

If you use iPod touch and iPad as supportive devices, do you have to pay for the same app twice? That depends. If an app is universal – indicated by a plus sign next to it’s App Store listing – then, no, you don’t have to pay twice. Proloquo2Go, for example, is a universal app, and therefore you don’t have to pay twice.

How do you transfer customized vocabulary in Proloquo2Go on iPod touch to iPad? With the iPod touch, first use the connect to computer feature in Proloquo2Go options. Then, make sure Proloquo2Go is installed on the iPad, and use the restore from backup feature in Proloquo2Go options.

My child will not initiate, but he is very skilled at electronics. I’ve introduced Proloquo2Go, but he still doesn’t initiate. How should I begin training him? You could begin with some apps that are entertaining for him. That could involve apps for music (e.g., TonePad), games (e.g., AirHockey), or art (e.g., Doodle Buddy). Then, use Proloquo2Go to model language in activities (listening to music, playing games, playing with toys, etc.) that he enjoys. The hope is that he’ll see you using Proloquo2Go to communicate, then he’ll follow your lead.

How can a parent/teacher design pages to make Proloquo2Go more functional for an individual user? Parents and teachers can generate a list of items that are meaningful to the child. Determine what the child eats, drinks, plays with, does at home and school, people he/she interacts with, needs to express for social language, etc. Then, customize Proloquo2Go vocabulary accordingly to create an individualized AAC system.


5 thoughts on “iPod touch and iPad questions on notecards

  1. Came from Long Beach to the San Diego talk. Awesome!!! Thank you so much and THANK YOU so much for what you do for our kids. I only wish you were in our school district.

  2. Thank you Eric, you were amazing. So many parents were so impressed and thankful for your workshop. Your attention to detail and complete understanding of the platform, coupled with your delivery in “layman terms” was fantastic! Can’t wait for more!!!!!

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  4. I’m on the fence on buying an iPad for work. What would be great is if there were more therapy apps that could allow us to interact more with our patients. Maybe there is a million dollar idea! I love your updates.

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