Restore from Backup

When a child deletes an app on your iPad or iPod touch, you might be very afraid that you lost all your data. You worked so hard customizing the app that you can’t believe all the work has possibly disappeared just because a kid accidentally tapped the x on one of your apps pulsing. Thankfully, all hope is not lost. You can restore from backup in the app if it (e.g., Proloquo2Go) has the feature, or in iTunes. Many apps don’t have the feature, so I’d like to share how to do it in iTunes.

First, you need to prepare for your apps being deleted. To do this, back them up regularly by syncing to your computer. I recommend syncing manually by following this step-by-step procedure: iTunes –> Preferences –> Devices –> Prevent iPods…from syncing automatically. Then, go to the apps tab in iTunes and click apply to sync your checked apps.

When you’re ready to restore from backup, connect your device to iTunes. Next, control click (aka right click) on your device in iTunes, and select Restore from Backup. Choose a backup to restore – you will likely choose the device checked for you. Then, the process will begin.
Click here to view Apple’s tutorial for restoring from backup.

FYI, this method will restore the data for your entire device.


One thought on “Restore from Backup

  1. Thanks for this…I found backup helpful recently after I crashed my iPhone (the 3G one) somehow. Thought I had lost all my photos after having to restore at an Apple Store (I was away) but they were all there when I got back!

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