Back to school

Going back to work brought new changes for me. I went from a speech pathologist position at a middle school and the district’s AT Specialist to a speech pathologist position at an elementary school. This year, I was assigned to 5 days/week with a Pre-K – 5 caseload at the elementary school.

Since I previously worked at the middle school for 5 years, I forgot what it was like to work with a new caseload. A new set of children who are younger and display a wider range of disabilities. There was a good amount of prep work involved before seeing them for therapy. And, even after working with the children for a week, I find myself prepping a fair amount.

Since I service several children with autism at my new school, I have spent a sizeable portion of my prepping to create and find materials for them. The materials include Boardmaker supports (schedules, reinforcement charts, communication boards), social narratives, and iPad apps. My students are definitely engaged by the iPad. The size of the device is great for my small groups, and the interactivity of the apps really captivate their interest.

Here are my new favorite iPad apps that I started using this school year:

*I received a promo code for the Interactive Alphabet app.


3 thoughts on “Back to school

  1. Hi Eric,
    Are you still the assistive technology specialist for the district in addition to the elementary school responsibilities?

    I love Talking Tom as well and often show it to SLPs who don’t seem to share my enthusiasm for the app. How are you using it with your students? I’d love to share your ideas with my SLP colleagues.

  2. Karen,

    No, I’m no longer the AT specialist for my school district. I had the opportunity to work at the elementary school and my district didn’t have the money to keep an AT specialist.

    I just started using Talking Tom recently. So far, I’m using it primarily with my autistic students. I act like I’m Tom, and I carry on conversations with them. They get intrigued and they respond to Tom.

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