iPad Apps and Accessories for Special Needs

For upcoming presentations, I created a handout titled iPad Apps and Accessories for Special Needs. The first page has lists of my favorite apps for various categories such as reading, writing, and communication. Since it’s October, I included a couple apps with seasonal content for Halloween: Cookie Doodle and 123 Sticker HD. On the second page of the handout, I listed iPad accessories with links.

iPad apps are for use on the iPad only. Universal apps (+), on the other hand, are optimized for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A plus sign is indicated in the App Store listing for the app. You buy a universal app once, then you install it on all your iOS devices, resulting in a great looking app on your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

*One of the apps, ArtikPix, was co-created by me.
**Although I have used many of the accessories listed, I have not tried all of them. However, I have heard/read good reviews about the ones I haven’t tried.
***Pictello is an app that will soon be released on the App Store.


8 thoughts on “iPad Apps and Accessories for Special Needs

  1. Thank you for this great list.
    I would like to recommend our app –
    Faces iMake-Premium!

    Faces iMake is all about stimulating the right-brain and giving kids a fun and playful educational environment. The app encourages kids to solve problems creatively; to innovate; to see things from a different perspective; to create obvious forms with the most unexpected combination of objects

    Daniel Pink, New York Times Best Selling Author of “A Whole New Brain” recommends Faces iMake, “It’s fun and addicting — if you can get it away from your kids”!

  2. James,

    With the iPad’s built-in microphone, you can record your voice in several communication and reading apps. For the apps I listed, you can use it in ArtikPix, TapSpeak Sequence, Monkey Business, and Toy Story Read-Along.

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