ArtikPix and ArtikPix – Full updates

11/8/10 Update: The free version of ArtikPix 1.2.1 was updated today on the App Store. Identical to ArtikPix – Full, the audio was restored on the 2nd generation iPod touch, and increased in loudness across all other iOS devices. I highly urge all ArtikPix users to update to 1.2.1 for improved audio.

10/31/10 Update: Apple expedited their review of ArtikPix – Full 1.2.1, which fixes the audio problems particularly on the 2nd generation iPod touch. It also makes the audio louder across all other iOS devices. Once Apple approves ArtikPix 1.2.1 update, then the same fix will apply to the free version with In App purchases.

ArtikPix and ArtikPix – Full 1.2 (universal apps for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad) updates were approved yesterday by Apple. If you previously downloaded the free or full versions of ArtikPix, you can get 1.2 for free in the updates section of the App Store. Here’s a look at the new features:

  • Sound group title added to the top of flashcards and matching cards to clarify scoring
  • Sentence level added to flashcards, which is accessed by tapping the around arrow
  • Ability to collect scores for the word and sentence levels
  • Only the sound groups containing collected scores are shown on Nice Job and Save(d) Scores screens
  • Fixed sound issues that occurred during simultaneous action of pre-recorded audio and voice recording
  • For ArtikPix only: Restore purchase feature added for transferring In App Purchases to other iOS devices

One thought on “ArtikPix and ArtikPix – Full updates

  1. I’m a special education who just finds the material on your blog informative and therefore, would like to further benefit from getting updates or further insights from you…

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