App licensing

I frequently receive questions regarding how many copies of an app can be installed on iOS devices (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad). In most cases, the question is asked for devices used in schools. As of August 2010, Apple established a Volume Purchase Program (VPP) that includes a licensing policy for educational institutions. Prior to VPP, many people assumed consumer licensing, which allows for one app to be installed on as many of your own personal devices. Well, putting one app on 10’s or 100’s of devices throughout a school district wasn’t fairly compensating developers. Plus, it wasn’t following typical licensing guidelines for software in education. So, Apple began the VPP; however, educators are now trying to understand the process.

Rather than attempting to recreate an explanation of VPP, I want to provide links to useful information regarding the program:


One thought on “App licensing

  1. Not trying to bypass digging through the Apple links, but what about MOVING aps from one device to another. I could forsee the possibility of having a specific number of licences and having one child no longer needing and ap on their machine and wantng to move it back ‘into stock’. Once an ap is on a machine, is that it and that license is done?

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