New AssistiveWare videos for Proloquo2Go

I want to share four new AssistiveWare videos for Proloquo2Go, the AAC app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. We created the following videos organized by chapters: Introduction to Proloquo2Go, How to backup your vocabulary, How to restore your vocabulary, and How to transfer your vocabulary. The videos are fully accessible with captions that can be viewed either in the YouTube players (click CC) or on the Proloquo2Go website by clicking here. You can also view the YouTube videos in HD and full-screen mode.

Introduction to Proloquo2Go
This video covers the app’s four views including grid, typing, recents, and options. The typing view demonstrates the new word prediction feature which facilitates the typing process.

How to backup your vocabulary
This video demonstrates how to backup vocabulary in Proloquo2Go on a device (e.g., iPhone), then to save the backup to your computer via iTunes File Sharing.

How to restore your vocabulary
This video shows how to copy a Proloquo2Go vocabulary file from your computer to a device (e.g., iPhone) using iTunes File Sharing. Then, retrieve the vocabulary using Restore from Backup in the Options view of Proloquo2Go.

How to transfer your vocabulary
This video demonstrates how to transfer a vocabulary file from one device (e.g., iPhone) to another (e.g., iPad) using the backup and restore features in Proloquo2Go, in addition to iTunes File Sharing on the computer. The process can be used to share a vocabulary file across multiple devices for a given individual.


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