AssistiveWare’s webinars for Proloquo2Go now available on iTunes

AssistiveWare recently announced their Proloquo2Go Webinar Series is now available on iTunes as a video podcast. Click here or go to iTunes and search for “assistiveware webinars.” Part 1, Introduction to Proloquo2Go, was released first, with subsequent webinars scheduled for weekly release. Please subscribe to the AssistiveWare Webinar Series to stay updated and join in the webinar discussions at the Webinar Forum.

9.1.11 update: Part 6, iTunes and App Store, is now available here on iTunes.
8.31.11 update
: Part 5, Advanced features (Word prediction and Grammar), is now available here on iTunes. 
8.26.11 update
: Part 4, Backups (Professionals) and Part 4, Tips and tricks (Users, Family, Caregivers) are now available here on iTunes. 
8.20.11 update
: Part 3, Vocabulary customizations, is now available here on iTunes. 
8.15.11 update
: Part 2, App customizations, is now available here on iTunes.

Disclosure: I do work for AssistiveWare and I’m the presenter for this Proloquo2Go webinar series.


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