App Resources

This resource page is dedicated to iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices and applications for (special) education. Click the links to access the original sources:

App/Accessory Lists
Apps for Education
ICTAC MEMO iPhone Apps for Education
iPad Apps and Accessories for Special Needs
iPad case, speaker, stand, and mounts from RJ Cooper
iPhone, iPad and iPod touch Apps for (Special) Education
iPod touch Apps & Accessories
Learning Continuity iPod touch apps and iPad apps – Acalanes UHSD
Recommended iPod Apps (Grade Level & Subjects) – Escondido USD
Top 50 iPhone Apps for Educators
100 Ways to Use Your iPod to Learn and Study Better

Volume Purchase Program for Educational Institutions
Apple App Store Volume Purchase Program
AssistiveWare Support for license and purchasing questions
IEAR VPP Step By Step Instructions
Learning in Hand App Store Volume Purchase Program Explained

iPad: Configuring accessibility features
iPhone 3GS and iPod touch (3rd generation): Configuring accessibility features

Crazy Mike’s Apps
iPhone 4 Kids
The iPhone Mom

iTeach Special Education – iDevices in Special Education (Facebook page)
Apple Discussions for iPod touch and iPad
iEAR Ning

iPod touch for Meeting the Needs of Special Learners
Moms with Apps website and Google Group

Company/Personal Websites
Apple’s Commitment to Accessibility
iPad in Education
iTunes Apps for Kids for iPhone and iPad
Learning in Hand
Staytooned for iPhone Kids Apps

iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
Getting Started with iPod touch: A guide for using iPod touch and iTunes for teaching and learning


30 thoughts on “App Resources

    • let’s not forget about Picture Planner 3.0 that now syncs to iPad, iPod Touch and Google Calendar.

      Picture Planner is an image-based activity planner that uses customizable images with prompts and reminders as an independent living tool to guide an individual throughout their day.

      It syncs with Google Calendar which means that an individual can share their schedule with their support group and much more!

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  3. Hi, I’m a techno dinosaur but have an 8 yr old boy with asd who is non verbal…I use PECS and have tried lots of stuff with him, with moderate success at best. I will find a way to get an ipad. Do you need to get one with a lot of gigs…I don’t know what apps are, and how to get started…there is so much info out there I don’t know where to start.

    • Lisa, I too have an 8 yo son with autism and we have an iPad that he does wonderful work on. We opted for the 32gb size so that we could add video without worrying about it. You could easily get by with the base 16gb though IMO. Buying this has opened a whole new level of motivation and made teaching time much more fun for all of us. Any help I can offer…let me know. PS we’ve never had that much success with PECS either.

      • Hi Gypsy
        How did you start your son with the IPAD? My son is mostly non verbal and has severe sensory processing issues, he is highly visual and can use a computer for preschool level games. We’ll be getting our IPAD this Tuesday!

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  6. Eric-we want to present some Apps from my ipod touch to a preschool sped teacher/specialist audience next week. How have you accomplished that task? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! kathleen

  7. Kathleen,

    I use the iPevo Point 2 View camera to demonstrate apps for staff meetings and conferences. The camera is very affordable ($69), yet it’s very good for the price.

  8. I realize that you are in California and I wonder if you know anyone on the East Coast who does what you do, meaning speak to technology based special needs education, especially related to the Apple products?

    I am a parent just looking to push my children’s autism school into the Apple technologies. I have the principal very excited about it, but he’s looking to get practical information to write grant proposals. 100 parents all yelling “it’s great” doesn’t measure up to one or two professionals backing us up…

    • TotsnTEch research institute in PA does research on very young children and AT-lots of good resources at their website. I don’t know of anyone off hand but have you tried for actual Apple school grants to pilot iPads? Its a very new field and application to SpEd. Good luck with your efforts. Eric’s website is terrific for demonstrating what you can do in special ed. Have your principal peruse it!

  9. Can you please tell me if there will be an iCan Communicate seminar in the Los Angeles area? I am very interested in this technology for my autistic daughter.


    • There aren’t any plans as of now to do it in Los Angeles, but we could try to arrange something. I’d have to discuss the idea with an organization. If you know of one interested, please have them contact me.

  10. I have a 12 year old daughter that has problems with speech, her therapist seems to think she should become familiar with a text to speech app. Does anyone know of any with pics on them already. For example is she has to say, ” I want to make a phone call” and the pic of a phone is there. Thanks

  11. I have a third grade student who is nonverbal, visually impaired, physically impaired and at a cognitive level of about 9 months. The parents want me to recommend Prolog2go for him so they can be reimbursed the amount through a community agency. I have told my supervisor that I support there exploring the use of this program. However, I don’t recommend the program at this time. Needs some ideas. These parents are used to getting what they want.

  12. Hi, I work with a new app for the iPad called New Voice. It is geared toward teenagers and adults with high quality voices and nice modifiable settings. Has anyone else used it? I have used it with TBI pts.

  13. Linda,

    I would recommend “My Talk” for your student. The pictures are large, colorful and clear. The demo version will probably work well for your student for quite a while and is free. I urge you to be supportive to these parents who are trying to do what they can to help their kiddo. Also keep in mind that it is difficult to know the cognitive level of a student with the kinds of disabilities you describe. S/he may surprise you.

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  15. Hi,

    I’m an SLP currently working with a non-verbal 3 year old who LOVES his iPad. I would like to purchase the Proloquo2go app for him but I was wondering if anyone knows of any grants/programs for Early Intervention Special Education that I could find out some more information for the family. Please let me know! Thanks for your help!

  16. Thanks for doing this–I’ve been asked to pull together apps for iPads for an adult day habilitation/residential/vocational agency, by tomorrow! SO happy to have found you.

  17. Does anyone know of any grants, etc. to get an IPad for Speech Therapy in a public school?

    I have been trying to find something but not having much luck.



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