Sailers video blog: Episode 2

My wife and I started a video blog series on Apple technologies, education, and special needs. Episode 2 includes BrainPOP, an iPad stand, and an app demo. Watch the video to learn about the information covered and to see us demonstrate one of our new favorite apps.

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Note that it’s best to view the video in 720p HD and full screen mode. You can do this by changing the controls found in the bottom toolbar of the YouTube video.


iResponse for BrainPOP

iResponse (iTunes link) is a remote responder app for the iPhone and iPod touch. I downloaded it on iPod touches for my students to use during multiple choice quizzes. Recently, I set up iResponse for one of my middle school language groups to utilize after presenting BrainPOP Featured Movie (iTunes link) on an iPad. BrainPOP – for those of you who don’t know – involves a captioned video of Tim (the boy) and Moby (the robot), followed by a 10 question quiz. I’d like to explain how I administered the lesson.

After installing the iResponse software (free), I created a 5 question multiple-choice quiz. Then, I showed the BrainPOP Featured Movie regarding Miranda Rights, pausing it throughout for comprehension checks. Once the movie completed, I transmitted the BrainPOP quiz via Wi-Fi to my iPad. I read each question aloud with answer choices, as my students read along on their iPods. They responded by tapping a button for A,B, C, or D. After each response, I saw their answer on my laptop, and they received feedback for correct, or incorrect with the right answer. At the end of the quiz, I received a data report to save. My students said they liked iResponse, and I liked how they received immediate feedback following each answer.

I recommend BrainPOP and iResponse because they’re great apps for a combined total of $.99!