ArtikPix 2.2 adds landscape mode

ArtikPix and ArtikPix – Full version 2.2 were updated prior to the holidays. The major new feature is landscape mode for iPad, which was heavily requested by users. Version 2.2 also adds a feature to the matching activity that involves pressing the Done button after all matches have been made. Users had also requested this feature for enabling more practice at the end of matching, particularly when the configurable option of Hide Matched Cards is turned OFF. If you like these new features in ArtikPix and ArtikPix – Full 2.2, please rate and review the app on iTunes.

On behalf of Eric Sailers and RinnApps, thank you to all ArtikPix users. We appreciate receiving feedback to make ArtikPix a leading speech articulation app. We’re looking forward to working more with users in 2012. Happy Holidays!


ArtikPix and ArtikPix – Full 2.0 updates

ArtikPix and ArtikPix – Full 2.0 were updated with great new features! The updates are free on the iTunes App Store.

The highly requested group scoring feature is included to collect scores in the flashcard activity for up to 4 children at a time. A group of students can collect data as they practice sounds in words and sentences. Version 2.0 also contains an improved matching activity that enables more opportunities for practice, especially for an individual student. Finally, the updates have bug fixes for choosing sound groups and for reversing cards to a previous sentence displayed in flashcards. Below are more details regarding the new features in the flashcard and matching activities:

What’s new in the flashcard activity?
The exciting new group scoring feature in version 2.0 allows you to collect data for individual students while working in a small group setting. Detailed scoring can be collected for up to 4 students at a time. It all begins with taking a photo or choosing a photo of each student in the activity, then tapping a student’s photo to collect data. If using a photo is not an option, student initials will be generated automatically following input of the student names. The group scoring feature maximizes practice for multiple students to collect scores for multiple productions on each card. This is especially helpful as students are typically grouped by the same sound or sounds in school therapy sessions. Notes can also be recorded during the flashcard activity via a long press on a student photo. Following the activity, detailed scores are organized by individual students to save in the app or to share.

What’s new in the matching activity?
The update to the matching activity in version 2.0 is designed to enable more opportunities for individual student practice. Two unmatched cards in the matching activity do not flip over to face side down until another card is tapped. This allows more time for student production of words in between choosing cards. Also, the matching card audio can be repeated by tapping a card face side up for the student to hear a given word as many times necessary before proceeding with the game. Detailed scores for a given sound group are now displayed during the matching activity to parallel the scores displayed at the conclusion of the game. This shows how an individual student is performing for each sound group during the activity.

An app update and a holiday sale

ArtikPix and ArtikPix – Full 1.2.2 were updated on the App Store. Here are the new features:

  • Audio added to the sentence level in the flashcard activity
  • Audio feedback added to scoring in the flashcard and matching activities
  • 73 cards added to the r deck for a total of 113 cards
  • Multi-tasking for iOS 4.2 on iPad

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For the holidays, we are excited to celebrate with an ArtikPix – Full sale.* The price has been reduced from $49.99 to $29.99 – that’s a savings of 40%! Click here to download the app. Make sure you take advantage of this sale before it’s over!
*Note: This sale excludes the In App Purchases in the free version of ArtikPix.